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i believe in bright ideas. i believe in sustainable design

i believe in local & being active in the community

i believe design might not change the world, BUT we CAN help
bring change through our craft and vision

i believe in the wonderful people, businesses, organizations and
non-profits who ARE changing the world for the better



Over the years I have realized that a well rounded approach to design, marketing and advertising WILL get you to stand out and gain trust from current and potential customers.

Logo / Branding
I LOVE LOGO DESIGN! A logo is your first impression, your hand shake and I want to be sure its a great first impression.
A website is a must have in todays world. I work mostly with online platforms like WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify to deliver a beautiful website.
Advertising / Marketing
Getting your product or service out to the world is crucial for success, let me help you stand out from the crowd.
Fleet Graphics
Graphics on a truck, car or van is 24 hour advertsing that moves as your business moves.

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I am a designer, RVer, traveler, lover of sustainability, community and good beer ... Lets work on a project together!


Logo Design and Branding

Your logo is usually your first impression to prospective new customers. Together these 2 elements go hand in hand in creating your brand!

Simple logo design starts at $250! Contact me HERE with your project and ideas

Website Design

Websites these days are necessary for a small business, even if it's just a simple one to showcase your business, skill or service. This does NOT need to be a daunting experience or process, let me help you get a simple website and help grow your business. Here are 3 packages to get your new website online!

I’M MOSTLY THERE - $350. We work together, You provide a few images, copy and social media links and I provide a 3-5 page website.
I NEED SOME HELP - $450 - Have some ideas but need help making them happen. Will help with copy and photo ideas to get you a 3-5 page website.
WHAT IS A WEBSITE? - $600 - Im sure you know what a website is, but you need some assistance with the entire process, I walk you through what we need to do and the elements I need from you. Will create a 3-5 page website.

want more info?

These packages are for web design only. Need help with domains, hosting, logo design ect. I can help with those as well. If you want more info or a website checklist of the entire website process email me HERE.

**The checklist is an entire list of all that needs done to get a site on the web…from buying your domain to clicking publish. This list will help you decide how much help you need from me, what you have already done and what you might be able to do on your own.

``The power of imagination makes us infinite``

John Muir