I’ve always been a big advocate for community. Support your community, be active in your community, keep your money in the community. When I lived in Boulder I did my best to embrace my community; visited local coffeeshops and brewpubs, volunteered my time and talent to local organizations and always used local vendors and printers when able.

Since I started traveling in 2016 my idea of community had to change. At first I felt disconnected, both personally and professionally, and also felt a little selfish. But as I began to see America and meet people of all walks of life my idea of community got both larger and smaller all at once!

I was now able to support many local communities, sometimes work with them, use the local vendors and gain a larger circle. All of a sudden my community was so vast but still felt small. I realized how many similar threads we all have regardless where we call home and even though I really didn’t have a particular community i called home I felt at home wherever i go.